A signature fragrance with an unforgettable aura that speaks a thousand words.  Olympias is pure poetry of the gods.

Classic gourmand fragrance that melts into your heart and skin. Chocolate lovers take heed … Aurora is delectable enough to taste.

Africus is a love letter that awakens intimate memories and stirs unbridled passion and desires. This love affair will never end.

Enjoy the sweet sensuous beauty of nature unfold gloriously on the skin, stirring memories of forever summer days and faraway places.

Indescribably divine, Phoenicias has an immortal beauty and power deserving of its own myth. The notes in this liquid are for eternity.

A light fragrance with refreshing notes that float out of the bottle like a cool sea breeze. Sail away on the scented perfume sails of Aquilo.

Solanus has a perfume wind running right through its heart. Oozing elegance in abundance this scent is a masterpiece of sophistication.

For centuries the winds of antiquity have carried the fragrant scents of the four seasons across the seas to faraway lands. Our signature collection allows each fragrance to tell its own evocative story through the classical winds of antiquity, capturing the strong, noble scents of a mythical world, whilst being seduced by the beauty and power of the wind gods.