The precious ingredients for all our fragrances are sourced to the highest standard of excellence from around the world, selecting from their names only the purest of ingredients to ensure quality and refinement. True to our passion for pure luxury, each fragrance displays the hallmark of an authentic, handcrafted composition, created with a layered narrative connecting scent with emotion. Every note has been exquisitely chosen by our perfumer to unfold subtly on the skin, seducing the wearer or admirer, to breathe in the beauty and elegance of the fragrance.


Horatio is a classical given name meaning a “keeper of time”. As a perfume house dedicated to creating timeless masterpieces of scent the name Horatio is a source of inspiration behind all our handcrafted creations. The name is famously borne by Lord Horatio Nelson, one of Britain’s greatest naval heroes, as well known for his tactical genius in battle as for his passionate and enduring love affair with Lady Hamilton. Worshipped by his men and country alike, his death in victory at Trafalgar brought him his greatest triumph - immortality.


The Horatio London perfume bottle has been designed as a beautiful piece of crystal art glass. Sculptured with precision as a "bottle-within-a-bottle", the shape is unique and sensual in how it looks and feels. Each bottle has been fashioned separately to the other, creating a perfume bottle bursting forth with light from all sides, encapsulating the purity of the luxurious composition stored inside. It is the perfect vessel to be the gate keeper of our memories and desires.